Team building under the baobab tree

First impressions after the voluntary work of Ann Noppen, Consense and Ingrid De Clercq, Congaz in Benin


We were struck by their openness to learn and absorb new concepts.  In the North we often adopt an attitude of “healthy criticism”, which slows down the learning process.  In Benin we encountered no bounderies:  the step between learning and putting it into practice is immediate, which delivered fantastic results.

We also experienced how leaders in the South use their mental agility on a daily basis. They are very much connected in the here and now, in every situation occurring during the day. They keep options open, accept what is and quickly build on it, without too much questioning themselves and others. They have a less rational and more intuitive approach to business.

We are very much convinced that global leadership can be reinforced by building further on the strengths of both worlds. Growing into a balanced approach of things will help us solve complex business challenges.

Ann & Ingrid



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